35+ Best WordPress Video Themes

A WordPress video tutorial can teach all you have to know about creating a blog. You can use a WordPress tutorial to use templates and plugins to pimp your blog in ways that will make your mates gasp at your skill. Truth!

WordPress. That is saying nothing against Blogger: run from Google’s hosting site known as Blogspot, Blogger is an easy blogging system to use, and being easy, it has very little opportunity for customization; however Google users can use Google’s toolbar to add posts or online content to their blog at the click of a button. However, WordPress wins hands down when we consider serious bloggers seeking more detailed customization.
WordPress. That is saying nothing against Blogger: run from Google’s hosting site known as Blogspot, Blogger is an easy blogging system to use, and being easy, it has very little opportunity for customization; however Google users can use Google’s toolbar to add posts or online content to their blog at the click of a button. However, WordPress wins hands down when we consider serious bloggers seeking more detailed customization.
You can use WordPress to create your video website and create a site like YouTube to display videos from different niches, or you can accept user uploads or just use it to host your own collection of videos. Whatever it is that you want from your WordPress powered video site, there are many themes available that let you do just that and then a lot more. In this post, we have collected 35+ Best WordPress Video Themes to help you create a video website quickly without compromising on functionality and overall elegance.

Video Theme

Import tools and videos from major websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others with this awesome WordPress theme determined to host your own video community website.


A highly customizable theme that is meant to handle video content impeccably while the overall layout of the theme has been woven for increased click conversion. The theme supports all the major players in Video business like YouTube, Vimeo, and many others and presents all the content impressively.


Embed videos from all the big video players in the market like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, etc. and rest assured that your content will shine with this theme’s great design and impressive functionality. The theme brings forth the latest design in Video industry with beautiful full, and fixed width page templates that ooze with elegance and charm which is all presented in a fully functional video website that is easy to setup within moments. You can choose from over ten unique homepage designs, one of which you will sure find attractive enough for your website and make your video website a traffic magnet.


Built on the core of the biggest video theme on the market, that is, True Mag, this theme contains all the essentials that you will need to accelerate your video-based website. Throw anything at this theme, and it will spin it and use it to its advantage and create an astonishing website while at it. You can use it for anything ranging from games, movies, news, entertainment, science and anything you can imagine.


This is a basic and simple theme with grungy vibe designed by Obox and other adept designers at Paravel.


Video is an excellent Video theme for your site that has all the goodness of MyThemeShop like search engine optimization, full responsiveness, theme customization panel and then some more to handle video content efficiently. Some of the features that let you do so include, like/dislike feature, watch-later feature, playlist, low bounce rate and integration with YouTube for view counts.


Quality checked by Envato and with six months support from the author; this theme handles video content beautifully. The theme has easy-to-customize elements and is fully featured with video support and full responsiveness. You can also choose from unlimited color schemes and numerous post formats.


Getting its name from photography effect this theme is best to display your photography and video content at the same time. You can showcase your content in a professional manner to represent your work, models, and other similar content.


Corporate is packed with features that allow you to create an effective professional site for business, portfolio, photographers, web apps, or general company sites to promote your services. Some of the features that let you create immersive website include video background, animations, social icons, and animated progress bars that make it one of the most flexible themes in this list. The theme is both retina ready and fully responsive and comes with a lot of customizations to spice-up your website.


Perfect for showing your images and videos, this theme will act as a muse for any kind of website that deals with multi-media. The theme is packed with features including full-screen slideshow, widgetized homepage and gallery module and has an overall minimalistic and modern design.


You can choose between the single column or multi-column and select whether to use sidebar or not with this theme and also there are nine innovative homepage layouts each of which is perfect and can be utilized for any type of website. With over dozens of unique features this theme is ideal for blogging masters and video website alike.

Video Elements

On Demand

This theme apart from looking great on any device with its fully responsive design also packs slick custom widget for featured posts and a theme customizer for easy and effective theme customizations. The theme with all its features is perfect for any type of video-centric website and offers and embeddable video format from any video service like YouTube, Vimeo and more.


This theme comes with inbuilt functionality that makes embedding videos a breeze, and while it does so, it does not in any way compromise on elegance and overall functionality.

PhotoNote 2.0

Choose between light and dark skins and weave you site just according to your personal preferences and targeted users taste. The theme is overall very aesthetic and can be used by photographers, video marketers with its touch-enabled slideshow on the homepage that supports both landscape and portrait image display.


Another GT3 theme that comes bundled with features like pre-made galleries, portfolio, blog layouts and much more that will ease you in creating your custom pages. The full-screen layout presents your artwork in the best possible way, and the overall modern, creative design makes it best for photographers and videographers.


Created using Twitter Bootstrap, this theme is fully responsive which just means that it will look fabulous on any digital device like a laptop, Kindle, iPad, tablets, and smartphones. The theme is also embedded with powerful features like BuddyPress and WooCommerce support so that you can also create a social media site or an online store.


This theme sports a clean, professional design and is equipped with many extra features that make it a perfect choice to power any kind of WordPress site. The theme has been specifically designed to handle video blogging or small business who are looking forward to promoting their business through video marketing.

Zerif Pro

This One Page business theme comes with features that not only handles video content but any other content you throw at it. The features that are added turn your website into a work of art, plus the support is indeed laudable should you ever run into a problem.


The most important feature of this theme is its insanely fast speed, a feature that is needed for video websites. Apart from speed this theme also gives you access to real-time design, ultra-customization, responsiveness, organized widgets, and over forty content elements.


This theme fully supports photos and videos that you can use for seamless integration into your site to create a fascinating internet site. The theme is easy to customize and comes with all the essential features that you will need to set up a successful website without getting into the gory details of coding.


Another awesome theme based on the great True Mag theme, this one brings all the goodness of True Mag and then adds another functional twist to your video based website. You can set up a video based site within minutes for any purpose ranging from a game, movie, news, entertainment, science, and everything in between.

The Motion

Another fast theme designed to handle any type of video content or any form of content for that matter. The theme has over two thousand active installs and features Drop-down categories menu, 2-column layout and widget-ready footer and sidebar.


You can easily manage your songs, merchandise and manage your band with this theme that supports WooCommerce. Apart from that, you can also manage your music, albums, gigs, shows, merch and blog with this powerful theme. The theme also features a persistent MP3 audio player that will pick up songs right where they were left- this essentially translates into a more immersive experience for your users. The theme is overall beautifully crafted for musicians, venues, radiolabels, or anyone searching for a great music-focused theme.

Video World


This theme is particularly suitable for Video news sites, but you can also employ all its features for vlogs, game sites and more. The theme has been built with multi-purpose in mind and to reduce bounce rate and thus increase your advertising revenue.


Video Hub

This theme does two things perfectly, it shows you best content elegantly for visitor indulgence and then places advertisements correctly in widgetized areas for maximum profit generation. The theme is responsive and adaptive and offers an intelligent way to display a large number of posts in a decent and presentable way right on the front page.


This theme is bundled with features that make it perfect for any type of video based website like- videography, video production, filmmakers, camera operators, cinematographers, video production company, filmography, video production, videographer and the like. All the remarkable elements make it super cool for any type of video based site and it is professionally designed to highlight your multi-media content.

Video Blog

You can fit the theme according to your identity with the ability to upload your logo, changing the background, and lead colors. The theme has been designed responsively so its fits beautifully big screens and adapts accordingly to shrinking screen sizes includes mobile devices. The theme sports a state-of-the-art flat design that shows your audience just how up to date you are with current design trends.


Folio features filterable grid portfolio, easily customizable colors, fully responsive framework, infinite scroll capability and a beautiful lightbox overlay display to name only a few. The theme makes it absolutely easy to share portfolio of photos or videos and even supports system to only contain a single image or video or a gallery of images. The theme is overall very subtle and is an ideal solution for creative professionals looking for a minimalistic grid design.


Apart from being completely responsive and thus being able to load and look beautiful on any browser and device with any screen size this theme will deliver video content seamlessly in case you wish to broadcast a series online. The theme is overall very minimalist, easy to use and boasts an elegant video-centric design.


This theme has all the essential ingredients you will ever need to setup your very own version of YouTube. You can either upload videos or embed videos from other videos services. The theme also boasts user registration module that can be used by users to upload their own video content. The theme has a fully customizable layout, responsive view, grid bases video arrangement, styling color schemes and much more that you can all use to your advantage to set up a brand new and stylish video hosting website.


Vidley theme allows you to transform your website into an awesome, video-centric website avidly. It provides you access to advanced customization options that you can employ to customize the background and content colors for a more elegant and unique presentation. The theme also brings all the favorite features of video-centric themes under one hood that help you get the most out of your content.

Video Member

Start making tons of money with this easy to setup theme that will let you host your own video platform website. The theme has everything you will need to create a video associated website with its membership option that can be used to sell your content online. The theme can be used to make recurring passive income for a long duration with all its features that you can use for video sharing, video reviewing, host video tutorials, movie trailers, gameplay recordings, videography techniques and much more. With all its cool features you can use this theme for any industry based on your skills, passion or ideas like web development and designing, yoga, dancing, painting, cooking, photography, music, education, aeronautics, gardening, etc.


HVideo Tube offers a clean and modern platform for videos that you want to embed from video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo or you can just upload your own content whenever you want. The theme has everything that you will need to showcase your video content or create categories of videos for viral traffic from social media.


A perfect minimalistic theme designed with simplicity in kept in mind and attention paid to every element with an innovative overall design . Its design is ideal for any type of video website including magazine-style websites in fashion, celebrities, movies, entertainment niches and everything in between.


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