20 Fabulous Adobe Lightroom Tutorials For Designers

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is fabulous software for professionals, photographers, and laypersons in a similar way. One of the best advantages of using it is its capability to aid you in organizing your images efficiently. If you click photographs on regular basis, you will find that your hard disk filled with many of Photographs.

Along with organizational capabilities, Lightroom provides plethora of options for photo editing in the develop section. Lightroom lets you to perform almost everything you want in the editing practice and it also assimilates with Photoshop so well that if you wish to edit images with two programs, it can be done with ease.

If have a membership of Adobe Creative Cloud, which majority of the designers do have, you have a right to use Lightroom.

In this post, we are presenting 20 Best Adobe Lightroom tutorials and articles from many different sources that will aid you in learning more about Adobe Lightroom.

The Sleeklens BlogHow to Create a Cinematic Effect in Lightroom
Misty Grove Lightroom Preset
How to Create a Grainy Matte Effect in Lightroom
How to Create a Dramatic Portrait Effect in Lightroom
Autumn Sunlight Lightroom Preset
How to Edit a Sunset Landscape Photo in Lightroom
Photo Editing in Lightroom 101
How to Create a Lomo Effect in Adobe Lightroom
How to Create a Vintage Film Effect in Lightroom
How to Get an HDR Look in Lightroom
How to Color Grade Landscape Photos in Lightroom
How to Get a Film-Inspired Look in Lightroom
6 Indispensable Edits in Lightroom’s Develop Module
How to Use Split Toning in Lightroom
How to Easily Boost a Blue Sky in Lightroom
Essential Shortcuts for Lightroom’s Develop Module
HDR Merge and Panorama Merge in Lightroom 6/CC
How to Create a Light Leak Effect in Lightroom
How to Straighten and Color Correct Architectural Photography in Lightroom 5

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